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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never commissioned someone to create a piece of artwork for you, it can seem quite daunting where to begin and what the process involves. This page should provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions you have. If you would like to ask anything that is not listed please get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.  

Below is also an additional section on pet portrait commissions placed over the Christmas period. (October - December)

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Christmas Portraits:

How does your Xmas booking system work?

I have a booking system in place over the months of October-December 14th which allows me to complete work on a first-come, first-served basis. This also allows for my clients to receive their portraits well before Christmas day to avoid delays and have plenty of time to prepare. I also work another job which can be very busy during the Christmas period so can only fulfill artwork on my days off, therefore a booking system allows me to do both. 

How long will my pet portrait take?

During the year my waiting time is 1-2 weeks and 2-3 weeks during peak times (October-December)

Please get in touch if you would like to know my current availability 

How much does a pet portrait cost?

Prices will vary depending on the size of portrait you choose, mediums used, and the number of pets you would like. To see the options please go to my Prices page (drop down menu under Pet Portraits page) Sizes currently available are A5 and A4.

Will my portrait come framed?

Unfortunately no as I cannot guarantee the safe transit of a framed commission due to the risk of breakage or damage. 

My work is printed to standard framing sizes so finding the perfect frame can be a lot easier!

Will my portrait be an original or a print?

All my personalized pet portraits are sold as prints.

I keep all originals in my collection so that they do not get lost and are kept for safekeeping. 

If you would like an additional print of your commission please let me know!

How many photos do you need as a reference? 

Please send me as many photographs of your pet as you like as long as they are high-quality images in natural lighting.

You can scroll down on my Pet Portrait page and find my guide on the photos to pick!

How does the commission process work?


You can scroll find the section on my Pet Portrait page called 'How It Works' where you will find a handy guide.  

Can you use photos that my photographer has taken? 

Yes as long as written permission from the photographer is given.

This is due to the photographer having the copyright from any photographs taken. 

Can you send out my commission?


Absolutely! Postage to the UK is included in your portrait commission.

I also provide a free local drop-off if you live in Chelmsford, Essex so please just ask if you would like me to drop your print off!

If you are outside the UK a £10 postage fee will be charged to cover the cost. 

Do you provide packaging & gift wrapping?  

Of course! All my products and commission pieces are packaged using eco-friendly, recycled, or reused materials as standard.

I also provide an eco-friendly gift wrapping service. To learn more please go to my Pet Portrait page.  

Do you send updates during the commission process?  

Yes, I send regular updates including the initial sketch, work in progress shots, and the final image before it's sent out.

If you would like any tweaks or amendments this can be done during the process stage.

Once an image has been completed (fully coloured image) no more amendments can be made. 

How do I pay?


You can pay me through bank transfer or Paypal. I will send information with payment details included. Once payment has been made, I will begin the process of creating your portrait! 

Will you use and share my commission online?


Yes I share my work online as it helps my business grow and attract more people to my work. If your portrait is a surprise for someone please let me know and I won't share the work until after they have received it. 

Can I make amendments to my portrait? 


I will be happy to make tweaks and amendments to your portrait if needed depending on what stage the image is at.

minor adjustments can be made at no extra cost but if the changes are drastically different from what we originally agreed on then there may be an extra charge or it may not be possible. 

Can I have extras in my portrait?


What makes my pet portraits different is the opportunity to have illustrated botanicals included in the image free of charge. 

Extras can include flowers, plants, your pet's favorite toy, or even something that reminds you of them! 


What animals can you draw?


Dogs and cats are my most common subjects but I love drawing all animals including reptiles, horses, birds, fish, and everything in between!